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Your mind…..Clarity, vision, concentration, awareness

Your body……Enhance flexibility, increase strength, develop balance, feel energized

Your spirit…..Presence in the moment, experience deep stillness, self acceptance

Try something different to a sweaty gym or a crowded studio. Join us in a quaint, intimate, home style studio located in leafy North Epping. Classes are limited so book your spot early and experience the difference. We create an ambience that is both relaxed and rejuvenating.

Day Class Time Duration
Monday Beginners 7pm 1 hour
Tuesday Beginners 7pm 1 hour
Wednesday Hatha /Vinyasa / Intermediate 7pm 1 hour
Sunday Mixed / General 9.30 am 1 hour

We are keen to include some or all of the below classes in our timetable. Please register your interest by completing details on ‘Contact Us’ page.

Restorative : Often referred to as ‘active relaxation’, restorative yoga offers physical and emotional relaxation with the aid of props. De-stress and relax. A great practice to renew and restore.

Vinyasa Flow: Vinyasa means breath synchronised movement. Based on Ashtanga principals, Vinyasa links breath to movement in a connective sequenced flow. This is a great practice to strengthen, tone and detox.

Power Yoga: A strong Vinyasa class that will strengthen and tone. Inspired by one of the most respected Yoga Instructors, Bryan Kest, this class will leave you feeling energised, toned, and strong. Prepare to work hard and work up a sweat. Not for the faint hearted. Min intermediate / advanced level.

Hatha: The foundations of all yoga styles are based on Hatha. With focus on postural alignment, this class will take you through a slower, deeper practice. Mental focus, gentle, slow paced with some breathing and seated meditation.

Seniors : Pick up healthy habits that will promote longevity. Helps increase range of motion; improve balance; improve your posture and sleep better !

Register your interest by completing contact details on ‘Contact Us’ page.


sariya yoga

sariya yoga